Collection #05

In her fifth collection and completing three years of brand, Danielle Cavalher, the designer and creator of Aro, invites her young self as collaborator of this season.

Danielle, in addition to her role in Aro, is an architect by formation, an art student that has a passion for drawing.

Passion perceived from the beginning by her mother, the designer owns all the drawings done, since she began to make her first doodles.

Thus, in her new adventure, driving and designing the collection by herself, she chooses accurately drawings made in the exact age of three years old, matching the life time of the brand itself.

The collection as concept extols the value of time and truth behind the drawing. And most of all, behind life truth.

With sober colors to contrast with the humor and lightness of children's drawings, the patterns developed brings comfort to those who use it and works as invitation for all types of bodies, with an expanded grid up to XL.

The pieces are mostly reversible, increasing the usefulness of the product along with the defense of how beachwear sell the pieces. We sell everything separately. The possibilities are infinite and people have the full power of choice.

And at least, but not less important. This is all dedicated to Isadora Ferrari, the most powerful and creative person Danielle has met in her life.